Conference Proceedings


11. Jiacheng Liu*, Jiahao Wu*, Zheyu Ren*, Sen Yang# and Qiming Shao#, On-chip zero-field spin wave frequency multiplier and its application on qubit quantum control, IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), San Francisco, USA (Dec. 2023)

10. Ferris Prima Nugraha#, Qiming Shao#, Machine Learning-Based Predictive Modeling for Designing Transmon Superconducting Qubits, IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), Seattle, USA (Sep. 2023)

9. Zihan Tong, Shun Kong Cheung, Zheyu Ren, Pengkun Yang, Qiming Shao, Modeling of Multi-Level Spin-Orbit Torque-MRAM: Scalability, Stochasticity, and Variations, Intermag, Sendai, Japan (May 2023)

8. Jiacheng Liu, Qiming Shao, Numerical and Micromagnetic Investigation of a Significant Magnon-Magnon Interaction in Magnetic Insulator Bilayers, Intermag, Sendai, Japan (May 2023)

7. Zhihua Xiao, Vinayak Bharat Naik, Shun Kong Cheung, Jia Hao Lim, Jae-Hyun Kwon, Zheyu Ren, Zhongrui Wang, and Qiming Shao, Device Variation-Aware Adaptive Quantization for MRAM-based Accurate In-Memory Computing Without On-chip Training, IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (Dec. 2022)

6. Yuchen Cai, Qiming Shao, Efficient High Frequency Spin Wave Excitation with Undulating Ferromagnetic Film, 2021 5th IEEE Electron Devices Technology & Manufacturing Conference (EDTM) (Apr. 2021)


Before UST

5. Qiming Shao, Hao Wu, Quanjun Pan, Peng Zhang, Lei Pan, Kin Wong, Xiaoyu Che and Kang L. Wang, Room Temperature Highly Efficient Topological Insulator/Mo/CoFeB Spin-Orbit Torque Memory with Perpendicular Magnetic AnisotropyIEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (Dec. 2018)

4. Kang L. Wang, Hao Wu, Seyed Armin Razavi, Qiming ShaoSpintronic devices for low energy dissipation (invited)IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (Dec. 2018)

3. Qiming Shao, Guoqiang Yu, Lei Pan, Xiaoyu Che, Yabin Fan, Koichi Murata, Qing-Lin He, Tianxiao Nie, Xufeng Kou and Kang L. Wang, Large Room Temperature Charge-to-Spin Conversion Efficiency in Topological Insulator/CoFeB bilayersDevice Research Conference (Jun. 2018)

2. Qiming Shao, Can Zhao, Can Wu, Jinyu Zhang, Li Zhang, and Zhiping Yu, Compact model and projection of silicon nanowire tunneling transistors (NW-tFETs), IEEE International Conference of Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (Jun. 2013)

1. Yuxuan Lin, Dan Xie, Yu Chen, Tingting Feng, Qiming Shao, He Tian, Tianling Ren, Xinming Li, Xiao Li, Lili Fan, Kunlin Wang, Dehai Wu, Hongwei Zhu, Optimization of graphene/silicon heterojunction solar cells38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (Jun. 2012)