SQML group photo with Prof. Kang L. Wang after his IAS lecture (24/10/2023)

Prof. Kang L. Wang from UCLA is giving a distinguished lecture at IAS lecture theater (24/10/2023)

Boat party gathering with three HKU groups (19/8/2023)

Prof. J. Ping Liu from UTA is giving a distinguished lecture titled "Magnetic Hardening in Low-Dimensional Ferromagnets" (16/6/2023)

Ngong Ping viewing point at Sai Kung (22/12/2022)

On the Pyramid Hill (22/12/2022)

Group dinner and game night (22/12/2022)

On the High Junk Peak trail 18/9/2022

Po Toi O Pier 18/9/2022

Fei Ngo Shan viewpoint 2021/10/24


Little Hawaii 2021/10/24

Farewell party for Y. Liu at Pizza Pig 2021/08/23 (left to right: K. Qian, X. Wang, Jonathan, Q. Shao, Y. Liu, Z. Ren, X. Wu)

Group gathering on campus 2020/11/4 (left to right: Q. Shao, Z. Ren, Y. Liu, Y. Cai, K. Qian)